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Testimonials about our Custom Work Service

I had a wonderful experience with Teacher's Clubhouse.  The resources you created for me allowed me to meet the needs of my students in a fun and creative way, and allow me to spend extra time with my family.  As a mom of two young boys, balancing school and home has been a challenge.  Your custom-made resources have made it easier to balance both.

I would absolutely use Teacher's Clubhouse again for my custom-made resources!! It is evident that you put a lot of time and effort into creating materials tailored to my needs.  You listened effectively, and created fun and exciting materials for my students.  I would highly recommend others use your service.


y experience with having the teachers at Teacher's Clubhouse create custom-made work for me was fabulous!  The custom themed-newsletter and PowerPoint they created for me exceeded my expectations!  The cost of custom-made resources is perfect pricing for teachers.  I am already thinking of other things that I need.  I would absolutely have them create custom resources for me again.


I am very pleased with my experience with Teacher's Clubhouse and the resources they created for me.  It would've taken me 1 week to create what they did in a few hours. :)  I will definitely use them for my custom-made resources again because they are great communicators and provide quality materials.  I wouldn't change a thing about my experience with Teacher's Clubhouse - everything was perfect!


I was very pleased with my custom-work from Teacher's Clubhouse.  I think the work is excellent and the price is very good.  The resources created were exactly what I requested.


My experience with Teacher's Clubhouse was fast and easy!  Amanda and Catherine quickly and professionally created my resource at a reasonable price!  I am thrilled with the quality of my purchase!  I cannot wait to use it in my classroom!  I have purchased items from the site and will continue to visit to view new items.  I would definitely consider using Teacher's Clubhouse to create custom resources again.


eacher's Clubhouse was very accommodating to my special requests and what I needed done.  The level of communication was terrific.  I was very pleased with the layout of my documents as well as the SPEEDY delivery!  I couldn't be happier!  The pricing was more than fair and I was happy to pay it to save the time that it would have taken me to format the documents.  I am pretty good on the computer, but when time is tight it is nice to have someone else do it and have the confidence that it's going to be good!!!!


am so pleased with my resources that were custom-made.  I am having a Hollywood theme in my classroom this year, and was so happy to have someone help me with implementing some ideas.  The resources exceeded my expectations.  They were BEAUTIFUL!!  I plan to visit the website again for future projects.  The teachers (creators) of the website went above and beyond to help me with my order.  I had questions after my order was created and they were more than willing to help me.


am very satisfied with the work created.  It fits perfectly with the objectives I gave Teacher's Clubhouse.  The work was very creative and communication with the creators was easy.   I was looking for a new way to teach my students this topic and the material met my expectations.  I would have Teacher's Clubhouse create resources again because it was so easy!  It was effortless for me to complete my part and the time frame for completion worked well for me.  I wouldn't change a thing!


was extremely happy with my experience with Teacher's Clubhouse.  What a great resource to utilize as a full time teacher and busy mom of two.  I simply explained what I wanted for my custom-made resources and what you delivered was perfect, better than I could have ever tried to make myself.  The resources created were exactly as I had hoped they would be and even better! The resources are professional looking and worth the price to pay to have it done.  I was impressed with how fast the response was and how quick I received my resources.  I have been telling my fellow teachers about it at school!  I am so glad I found you and will use Teacher's Clubhouse again in the future.


The process
for having custom-work created by Teacher's Clubhouse was very easy to follow.  Having Teacher's Clubhouse create my custom order saved me time and the files look very professional.  It sure beats going to the teacher store to buy a book for $20 only to use a page or two.  I would much rather spend my money this way!


I am very pleased with my center cards and signs.  They were exactly what I expected and were finished super fast!  The quality of the work is excellent and they were finished before the deadline.


have found a true life saver in Teacher's Clubhouse.  I have been completely satisfied and thrilled with all of the resources I have purchased! (and there have been many!)  My recent custom order was exactly what I had pictured it would be and I didn't have to do a thing but ask for it!  The resources that have been created for me meet my expectations, if not surpass them! I'm so excited to use these new items and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I think the pricing for custom work is fair and completely well worth it!  To make my life a little easier by purchasing or ordering custom work from the TC....priceless!  I absolutely will have TC create more resources for me because I am confident, with 100% certainty, that I will be more than satisfied.  I would change nothing about my experiences.  Amanda and Catherine are my heroes.  I appreciate their work and my opportunity to use it!


was very pleased with the custom-made resource you created for me.  I was very impressed with how quickly it was completed.  The newsletter template I received was perfect!  The price was very reasonable - after all, it would have taken me a long time to make it myself!  I was completely pleased with your service and would have Teacher's Clubhouse create resources for me again.


My experience with having Teacher's Clubhouse create custom-resources for me was magnificent!  It was a job well done - creative and quick!  The resources exceeded my expectations with prompt responses, quick turnaround time, and excellent work!  Well worth the fee - keep up this great service!


I am extremely pleased with Teacher's Clubhouse and with the custom-made resource they created for me.  Their product had all the content I wanted (and more!) presented in an engaging and appealing manner.  From using their other resources I knew their work would be both purposeful and engaging.  That being said, their custom-made resources far exceeded my expectations.  The PowerPoint was interactive while delivering relevant content.  It scaffolded the delivery of the content in a way that will make all my students, regardless of ability, successful.  Teacher's Clubhouse is a bargain when compared to the high quality of their custom-made products!  Also considering the time and energy I would have invested in creating a similar product, I know it was certainly worth what I paid.  Teacher's Clubhouse has my highest praise!  I am a return customer for sure! 


I am extremely pleased with the custom resource experience I had with Teacher's Clubhouse.  The resources I received were absolutely perfect and the pricing was fantastic!  In fact, everything I've purchased from the website has been fantastic.  My students love the centers, too.  I wouldn't change a thing!


I am very pleased with the custom work!!  The experience was quick and easy with positive results.  The resources I received were above expectations - creative, neat, superb!  I will absolutely have Teacher's Clubhouse create resources for me again, as I don't always have the time to create projects myself.


It was an excellent experience.  My custom work came in earlier than expected and looked better than I imagined.  Overall, I am very impressed and pleased with the work created for me.  It exceeded my expectations.  The graphics were bright and bold and perfectly matched my Jungle theme for my class.  The banners were beautifully made and will give that extra "wow" factor when entering my class door.  It is very affordable and worth every penny.  The custom order came in so quickly and yet so professionally done.  I know that I'll use Teacher's Clubhouse every time for custom orders. Everything was priced fairly and service was top quality.  I cannot thank these two teachers enough!


It is so nice to rely on someone else to create something for me.  I spend so many hours a week working, being a mom, updating my class website, that it's nice to have one less thing to worry about. Thank you for having this as an option on your website.


The overall experience has been wonderful.  This was my second custom-made request.  Everything was just as nice and prompt as before.  The resources created met my expectations.  I always love the graphics and the beautiful colors used.  The pricing for custom-made resources was very fair and I would pay for more in a heart beat.  I love working with Teacher’s Clubhouse!  Both times I requested custom-made work, they arrived early and were professionally done.  Both experiences have been wonderful!


I am extremely pleased with everything--done quickly & expertly.  The pricing is GREAT!  I have been extremely pleased with everything.


Unbelievable!!!  I loved how fast and cheap it was to get a custom made newsletter!!!! I couldn't have done it!


I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to request a custom order!  My request was processed quickly!  I LOVE my sign!  It's adorable and better than I had hoped!  It would've taken me FOREVER to do something like this and it still wouldn't look as good!  The price of custom work can't be beat in my opinion!  It is so inexpensive and you get exactly what you are looking for!  I will definitely ask TC to create something else for my classroom!  I am already thinking of what to request next!  It's such an easy process and the results are fabulous!  I wouldn't change a thing!


It was great.  I think it was affordable.  I liked having a 'personal touch' with something I am not talented enough to do.


I can't say enough great things about my experience. The work is great, but the customer service and prompt communication are just tops!  Never have I been more satisfied with an on-line experience.  Very fairly priced.  You can tell you guys are classroom teachers and know how much we spend of our personal money on our classrooms.  My mind is racing trying to think of more things I would like to have you create!  I just encourage you to keep up the great work!!!


Hollywood Themed Custom banners are awesome!  I supplied the content, but granted creative freedom to the Teacher's Clubhouse team and am so impressed with the work they have done.  The work created by Teacher's Clubhouse exceeded my expectations.  The graphics are awesome, and the layouts are fantastic.  The work was completed almost 2 weeks prior to my deadline.  I feel that the pricing was not only reasonable, but very inexpensive compared to purchasing these "types" of materials at a pre-made teacher store.  Especially since the size and content were specific to my needs.  I absolutely am planning on using Teacher's Clubhouse throughout the year to help create a wonderful learning environmnet for my class.


was very pleased with the final product and with the speed which my request was filled.  I felt the pricing was more than fair - especially since I couldn't find what I needed anywhere commercially!  I would absolutely have Teacher's Clubhouse create resources for me again because of the quality of the work and how quickly it is done!


materials Teacher's Clubhouse created for me were incredible!  More than I could have imagined!  The pricing was very reasonable, and, of course, I will use them for custom work again in the future.


I admire your work and both of you are quick to reply to questions.  You are very reasonable.  I can never find the time to do what seems to come so easily to both of you. I was pleased.


The pricing is worth the time saved and the finished product is great!  I have had resources created in the past and was very pleased.  That is why I returned again to have resources created.  Everything was perfect!


This was my second time asking for custom-made resources and I am just as pleased as I was the first time.  The resource was great, but I asked for some minor changes, and Teacher's Clubhouse was happy to accommodate me.  The changes were made in less than 24 hours.  The resources are more than worth the price.  I have already requested another resource to be made.  I'm in graduate school again, and since time is a big commodity for me, I will continue to rely on them since they make a high-quality, engaging and standards-based activities.


The overall experience was quite easy.  I described what I was looking for and the resource that was created was wonderful.  The resource exceeded my expectations!  Your prices are exceptional for such quality work.  I am a teacher and KNOW how much goes into great resources for our students.  I couldn't be happier.  I definitely will look to you again for resources in the future.  This experience was simple.  Thank you again for the excellent work.  My class will enjoy this.


I am very impressed!  The communication that I received throughout the whole process of having custom-made resources was fantastic.  You alerted me after receiving my initial order and then told me when to expect the resources.  You even completed the task earlier than expected.  After I had accidentally delted the resources, you sent them again very quickly.  It was quite difficult to explain exactly what I wanted, but the resource you made was perfect.  I would definitely use your services again.  I particularly liked the way you included additional instructions for downloading fonts.  The whole experience was fabulous!


My experience with Teacher's Clubhouse was excellent and creative.  I feel my students are going to benefit from the activities.  I would have Teacher's Clubhouse create activities for me again because my students always enjoy them.


There were no problems during my experience with Teacher's Clubhouse and my resources were delivered in a timely manner.  The certificate they created for me exceeded my expectations.  The pricing was worth every penny spent on the items.  I will use their service again because it is well worth the time saved and the money spent.


My experience was wonderful.  The Clubhouse responded quickly to my request and the work done was well beyond my expectations  The quality and detail of the materials were excellent.  The amount I paid for the resources was well worth not having to spend my time trying to create it myself, and the quality was much better than what I would have been able to make.  The work was outstanding and the items were prepared well before my deadline.


It was great and they were perfect!    


I am very impressed.  As an avid purchaser of your resources I knew it would meet my expectations. It was even completed before the deadline.  It was high quality work that I didn't have to create myself.


I am very pleased with the product and my experience.  I felt the prices were fair.  The product was exactly what I wanted and when I asked for it to be adjusted, there were no problems.  I had a great experience.  I would not change a thing.


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